Data storage


Need to store some documents, photos or videos related to your customers? Now you can use the storage directly in our system. With this storage, you can manage documents directly in the details of each customer and have immediate access to the customer's photo, their documentation, etc. It is even possible to have customers upload documents directly at the time of booking. Getting a signed consents right at the time of reservation is now no problem. The storage is a separate service, which is charged via credits according to the selected package of the required storage size.

New options for price variants


Online payments are an increasingly used feature, but this must also be matched by a wide range of options for calculating the specific price of a reservation. For this reason, we have now added the ability to define price options for individual categories in the seat map. As a result, it is now possible to offer a discounted price for e.g. child spectators of a theatre performance. 

The second new feature is also related to price variants, namely it is now possible to define the group size. This makes it possible to define a typical family admission price, where one defined price results in e.g. 4 occupied slots within one reservation. You can thus offer your customers discounted prices while ensuring a standard capacity count for the event.

Improved calendar views


If you have a lot of events or reservations, it is often a problem to display them clearly in the calendars. One option is to use filtering and only show what you need. A new feature is the change of the calendar layout, where you now have the choice of both horizontal and vertical timeline views. You can easily switch the calendar as needed using the icon in the top right corner of the calendar (next to the calendar settings icon).

Payment terminal inside phone GP Tom


Our reservation system now supports the acceptance of payments using the GP Tom payment terminal. And it is not just an ordinary terminal, it is a payment terminal directly in your mobile phone. All you have to do is to use any mobile phone with the appropriate parameters (Android 8+, NFC) and installed the GP Tom and Reenio applications. When processing reservations using the QR code, you can directly start the payment process for unpaid reservations. All you need is one mobile phone.

Further information, including a video how the terminal is used, can be found in our documentation.

Payment on cashdesk


We now bring the required cashdesk payment function. Due to the very limited personal contacts with customers, you will probably not use this now. At least you have the opportunity to set up and try this new feature.

The cashdesk function allows you to mark a reservation as paid and at the same time it provides the option of creating an accounting document. The support of EET communication is also available. Together with the new options for printing documents and booking confirmations, you can easily ensure, for example, the complete sale of tickets, not only on-line, but also at the office or directly at the event.

Print tickets from administration


Although the main task of the system is to provide online reservations, sometimes it may be useful to book a customer in person. In that case, it is advisable to print the reservation code, ticket or proof of payment directly.

We have added a bar with icons to the reservation detail, which allows quick access to selected functions. One of these functions is printing. Click on the printer icon, and you can specify what you want to print and in what format. Printing is possible not only in A4 format, but also in the format of a receipt in 80 or 58 mm paper size. Of course, it is ideal to use the POS/receipt printer for this purposes (printing is based on PDF).

Sign in customers using FB, Google, etc.


Do you offer your customers the option of registration and login? There is often a problem with customers remembering their login details, having to reset their password, calling you, etc. One of the most common solutions today is to use general user accounts from social networks or external systems. Customers can easily log in using their Facebook or Google account or using a MyID account. The system now also supports connection to other, usually corporate accounts within organizations. How to set up and activate the option of this alternative login approach can be found in the documentation at

Apple Pay with GoPay gateway


The GoPay payment gateway has currently added a new payment method, Apple Pay. For owners of "apple" devices, this is a standard option for fast, secure and convenient payments. If you use a GoPay payment gateway, all you have to do is activate this payment method in the GoPay administration and your customers with Apple devices can start paying for their reservations immediately

Custom form fields related to customers


We've added the ability to define custom data items for customer records. You can manage the necessary data related to individual clients directly in the system. In addition, if your customers have an account (they are registered), they can edit this information within their profile by themselfs. You can even easily specify which form fields are required and which should be displayed when the customer make a registration on the website! You can find custom data item settings in Customers - More ... - Custom form fields.

New cookies bar


We not only constantly develop the reservation system, but we also adapt it to legislative requirements. It is now possible to let customers display the extended cookie bar. This includes not only consent to the use of cookies, but also the possibility of settings. You can set a new cookie bar in Settings - Reservation page - Analytics - Cookies.

Custom design of vouchers and tickets


We know that not everyone is comfortable with the default appearance for booking confirmations or vouchers in PDF format. We added a new feature to design the location of individual elements (price, name of the event, QR code, image, etc.) for vouchers and booking confirmations, resp. tickets.

You can find the voucher layout design in the Coupons - Coupon design menu. An editor that allows you to change the design of a booking confirmation is located inside Event edit form, Edit event - Advanced settings - Management of designs. This new feature provides an easy way to bring "tickets" or vouchers closer to specific visual needs, including possible professional printing (without margins).

Customer authentication via SMS


From time to time you ask us how to avoid unvalid or fake reservations. If you require payment using the payment gateway, the situation is simple. Similarly, the solution is easy when you enable reservations only for registered customers, where you can easily determine who can make reservations and who can not. In the case of reservations without registration and without mandatory payment, the situation is much more complicated.

The reservation system now offers the option of verifying the reservation using an SMS code. The customers enters the phone number and before confirming the reservation they will receive a unique verification code. Without entering it, it is not possible to complete the reservation. Thanks to this you can 100% verify not only the validity of the mobile phone number, but also that the number belongs to the person who is really interested in the reservation. See more information in administration (Settings - Reservation page - Reservation - Require phone number verification).

Improvements of custom messaging


Custom messages have been available in the reservation system for some time. We have now significantly improved their capabilities, not only with another communication channel - you can now send e-mails directly, i.e. without a connection to SmartEmailing, but also with new events. A very asked function was, for example, the possibility to send a notice before the automatic cancellation of the reservation in case of non-payment. This is now very easy to apply with custom messages and this new event. You can find out more about custom messages on the separate page and in the system administration (Settings - Custom messages).

Payment gateway Stripe


Have you heard of one of the fastest growing fintech startups that wrinkles not only PayPal but also other established players in the payment gateway market? Newly our system enables integration of payment gateway Stripe for realization of on-line payments in reservation system. It is a global on-line payment solution where one of the advantages is that everything is on-line. From opening an account, setting up a payment gateway to your first customer payment, you only need hours! For more information on payment gateway, please visit

Payment terminal SumUp Air


Do you need to accept payment for reservations via debit/credit cards? The booking system can now integrate the payment terminal Sum Up Air Payment for the reservation can be initiated directly from the administration interface or during the check-in process in the mobile application. You can easily receive payment directly from the customer and everything is automatically logged by the system. You can read how it works in separate article.

Declaration of accessibility


We have continually improved the way a booking page works to make it accessible and usable to users with disabilities. We've added a host of information and features that aren't visible at first glance, but implement the required web accessibility principles.