Here you will find questions that are frequently encountered and repeated when our customers communicate with the helpdesk. You will also find answers to how to deal with the situation. If you have any questions or are interested in how the reservation system works and how to use it correctly, do not hesitate to contact us, for example via the contact form.

I don't quite understand how the credits used in the administration work. Can you explain it to me?

The reenio booking system is operated and provided as a service (called SaaS), on a monthly subscription basis. According to your needs, you can choose one of two paid versions, but also a free version with no time limit. Each of these modes has certain limiting parameters, e.g. the number of reservations created, but also its specific functions and features, e.g. operation on your own domain or payments by transfer. In addition to the monthly subscription (or FREE version), there are some features in the system that are charged in excess of the monthly subscription, depending on the volume of their use.

The reenio credits mentioned above are used to "pay" for these selected features. Credits are typically used for features that have increased demands on the system depending on the volume of usage. Such functions include, for example, sending SMS messages, processing online payments, data storage or importing customers from an external source. Credit prices for individual use of functions can be found in administration in the price list.

And how do you get the credits? First of all, you get them for free, as part of your chosen subscription package. Depending on the type of subscription and its duration, the corresponding number of credits will be automatically added to the subject's account immediately after the purchase of the package, for the entire period at once. For example, if you purchase a PREMIUM subscription for 6 months, you will immediately receive 900 free reenio credits (depending on the specific offer). These credits are valid until the end of the period for which the subscription package was purchased, unused credit balance is not transferred and will therefore be deducted at the end of the period.

The second way of obtaining credits is by direct purchase in the system administration. Here it is possible to choose a package of credits according to your needs, taking into account your planned consumption (according to the service used, the expected volume and the credit price list of services). In general, the more credits you purchase, the lower the real price per credit is. Credits purchased in this way do not have a limited validity. In the case of consumption of credits, free credits are used first. It is also possible to purchase a credit when the system is used in FREE mode. Unused credits cannot be transferred between entities or refunded in any way.

I always need to send my customers the terms and conditions with the booking confirmation, how do I do this?

If you have terms and conditions in the reenio system, which should be a matter of course in its basic form and is also required by legislation, it is possible to automatically attach them as an attachment to the email informing the customer that the booking has been made.

Settings - Reservation page - Terms and conditions

To enable this feature you need to have the "Send as an attachment to confirmation emails" setting checked. In this case, the email will include a PDF file containing the text of the Terms and Conditions, Complaints Policy and Information on the handling of personal data, in the form that will exist at the time of sending the booking confirmation.

I'm not satisfied with the states that are available for reservations. Is it also possible to use custom reservation states?

Yes, it is possible. In addition to the system states used by the system for reservations, you can also manage other states according to your own needs.

Settings - Reservation page - Advanced settings - Manage own reservation states

By creating a custom state, you get the ability to differentiate bookings according to your needs within your company processes. Keep in mind that these states are always informative and only show up in the administration (outside of the system STORED status), not towards the customer. The use of both system and custom states brings the possibility of filtering bookings and especially linking to custom messages, where a change event to a specific state can be linked to a communication activity, also towards the customer.

My business is seasonal and I don't want to use the system outside of that time, is that a problem?

It's not a problem. With different time-based subscription packages, you can control when and what subscription you use. In the meantime, it is also possible to use the FREE mode without any problems. However, one thing to be aware of is the inactivity of the subject! An inactive subject means that no operating mode (FREE, BUSINESS or PREMIUM) is active or that no activities are carried out in the system/administration while in FREE mode. If the subject is in this state for 12 months, the subject is removed and cannot be restored, see Terms and Conditions.

If you anticipate continued use of the entity in the future, albeit with a break, we recommend the following:

  • It is a good idea to log into System Administration once in a while, not only to perform the activity, but to verify that you still know your login credentials,
  • If you have created terms that you want to reuse in the future, it is a good idea to make templates of these terms (submenu of the Save button when editing a term). This is because terms that have expired in the past are continuously deleted.
  • It's a good idea to check your GDPR settings, so that you don't prematurely delete bookings, customers, etc., given your general rules for handling personal data.

I need to run my reservation page securely, i.e. on HTTPS. How to proceed?

All our domains (system web addresses) have SSL security enabled by default and the booking page always works with HTTPS. If you run the reservation page on your own domain, this is also secured with an automatically generated certificate as part of the standard operation.

Your booking page is therefore always secure and there is no need to take any action from this perspective.

I've put in a Facebook Pixel and measurement code for Google Analytics etc. and I need to work with conversions. What events does the system record?

The booking system primarily supports two types of events, namely PageView and Purchase. The standard PageView event is recorded when you arrive on the page and then when you browse the page. The Purchase event is recorded when a booking is successfully created (the price information is also passed within this event). In the case of GA and Adwords, the Purchase event is also recorded when the conversion is already recorded directly according to the measurement system. Furthermore, according to the possibilities of the specific tool, a custom event with the name Created and the category Reservation is also sent.

Is it possible to automate the sale process of online seminars and meetings?

To automate the sharing of information to customers who have booked or purchased the service, it is best to use the so-called custom messages. Thanks to the wide range of settings, you can easily prepare an e-mail message that will be sent to customers, for example, 10 minutes before the event datetime. This e-mail will include all the important information about online streaming, including a link to start a video stream itself or join a conversation with tools like Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype.

Settings - Custom messages

You can also solve this situation by providing specific information by setting individual terms (Advanced Settings - Details for customer after), however, this is only a very simplified solution.

We have already used up the number of reservations within the purchased subscription, but the subscription period is not over yet. What with this?

For a subscription in the commercial version mode (according to the business conditions), not only its parameters are important, but also the period of the time for which you purchased the subscription. At any time during the validity of the current package, it is possible to purchase additional subscriptions without any problems. This new subscription is automatically queued and automatically activated when the current subscription expires. You do not have to wait until the end of the current package to buy new subscription.

If you have already used up the number of reservations before the end of the subscription or the parameters of the current subscription no longer fit your needs (you want to switch to the PREMIUM package), it is possible to purchase a new subscription and manually activate it immediately, regardless of the status and validity of the current subscription. According to the business conditions, the current commercial version is terminated and no further account is taken of the unused period or other parameters.

REENIO - Subscription - Purchased subscriptions - Activate immediately

Can the reservation system help me sell gift vouchers?

The basic functionality of the system is support for ordering customers and selling tickets. However, it also includes support for discount vouchers / coupons, which generally allow the price to be adjusted only when the booking itself is made. In addition, if you use an online payment gateway, the whole process is very efficient: the customer chooses a date in a few minutes, enters his details, pays online and obtains a ticket or confirmed reservation. Therefore, if you use the reservation system in this way in your business, the first part is fulfilled.

Our system goes even further and also allows direct online sale of discount coupons. The customer chooses from the offer, pays and obtains a discount code with the given price / discount and validity. He can then apply only when he really wants to make a reservation or buy a specific ticket. This option is very interesting especially in this difficult time, when it is possible to obtain funds from customers in advance for the sale of discount coupons and provide services to them later, when possible. This model corresponds to the motto "I'll help you now, I'll use it later" and can help a variety of situations, from craftsmen to zoos.

Is it possible to use the reenio system for simple ordering of customers for the collection of goods in our store?

If you are thinking of creating a simple ordering system with regard to current measures in the fight against coronavirus, then of course yes. The reservation system can be set up so that customers do not accumulate at your store and arrive at the time they have chosen and booked.

  • The easiest and fastest solution is to use a term of type Interval. You set deadlines according to working hours (with repetition) and time interval, depending on how long it takes to serve one customer (eg 5 minutes). The capacity of the term in this case will probably be 1, but it is of course possible to set another capacity with regard to the services offered (eg more stands in the tire service) or the number of possible customers in the store.
  • The customer reserves the reservation for the selected time, which he will actually come to. You can even send him a notification one hour before his ordered date.
  • If you need to find out more information about the customer's wishes at the time of ordering / booking (what he wants to buy, specific requirements, etc.), it is possible to use a very effective tool called custom forms. Thanks to them, you can define your own items in the booking form and find out everything you need before the customer arrives.
  • Once the reservations are registered in the system, it is possible to export to Excel and further work with data (eg create a sales plan for the next day).

The possibilities of the universal reservation system are much wider, however, to ensure a simple and efficient ordering process, really little is enough.

During the initial operation of the GoPay payment gateway, I was asked what is the URL for sending HTTP payment notifications, which I have no idea.

When integrating the payment gateway, the reenio system uses the so-called REST API approach. In practice, this means that no URL address for receiving notifications needs to be defined, the systems communicate everything automatically.

I use online payments and sending SMS messages, ie paid credit services. What happens if I don't have time to buy credits in time?

Credits used in the system are consumed for certain defined services according to the price list, at the moment of their use. In order to successfully perform a specific service, it is therefore necessary to have a sufficient number of credits at a given moment (the amount depends on which service is used or what is the charged amount). If there is not enough "reenio credits", then the service cannot be performed. In the case of SMS messages, this means that the message will not be sent and will be discarded (in the case of automatic messages), in the case of online payments of customers, the customer will be informed that at this time it is not possible to make an online payment, etc.

REENIO - Credit

You can easily monitor the status of credits in the system administration, where you can also replenish them by purchasing them online.

I need to ask some questions about the system, can you call me?

Due to the way we operate and provide our reservation system, we use almost exclusively online communication channels for communication. If you have any questions about our reservation system, write us an e-mail or a message in the chat window. We will answer all questions as soon as possible and, if necessary, supplement them with instructions, a sample solution, recommendations, etc.

I need to change the text of SMS messages, is it possible?

E-mail and SMS messages generated by the system within the reservation process (reservation confirmation, reminders, etc.) cannot be changed individually. If you need to tell your customers something specific, you can use one of the methods described here. You can also use the so-called Custom messages, which give you the freedom to communicate using marketing emails or SMS messages.

Settings - Custom messages

When booking, I need the customer to confirm the mandatory agreement with the business conditions or with the processing of personal data. How to do it?

First of all, it is important to realize what consent you need to get, how it looks at GDPR issues and whether it is necessary and possible to require consent at all. For example, general consent to the processing of personal data is not necessary, as non-consent cannot prevent the provision of the service, in which case personal data are processed on the basis of mechanisms other than consent.

If you still want to obtain consent or confirm the conditions when booking, it is ideal to use the so-called Custom Forms for this purpose. Here you will create a form that will contain a check box, eg "I declare that we have read the terms and conditions" and set this field as mandatory. Then you assign this form to specific dates or set it systemically.

Resources - Reservation forms

I need to change my user e-mail and therefore also the login name to the administration, how to do it?

In the system administration under your user account, click on the user icon in the upper right corner and select "Edit profile". On the next page you can then change your basic data, password and also your e-mail address. After entering a new e-mail address (and password for authentication), a verification e-mail will be sent to the newly entered e-mail address. After successful confirmation, the e-mail address of the logged-in user will change in the system.

Please note that the change of e-mail address takes place at the user level, which means that if this user is registered as a user with more subjects, the change of e-mail address will automatically take effect for all subjects! E-mail change can be used also to change the owner of the subject. Just change the e-mail address of the owner (the user who registered the subject) to the e-mail address of the new owner.

I modified the map of the seats, but the changes were not reflected in the map offered to customers for reservations. Why?

You have probably modified the seat map in the template (Resources - Seat Map Templates). In practice, this works by creating so-called seat map templates in the system and using them for individual dates. These templates serve as a pattern that you can use repeatedly, which is especially useful in cases where you have regular events in the same premises.

However, if you create a date for which you select a specific seat map from pre-prepared templates, this map is always copied and already works completely separately within the given date. This means that any changes to the corresponding map template will not be reflected in any particular map used within each term. If you need to edit the seat map for a specific date, you must edit the map directly as part of editing that date.

I use the paid PREMIUM package and I want to "hide" the reenio system logo, is it possible?

Yes, if you use a paid PREMIUM package, it is possible to hide the so-called branding system. This is useful if you run a reservation system on your domain and do not want to confuse customers with another logo/name outside of your own.

Settings - Reservation page - Basic settings - Appearance

If this option is active, the system logo will not be displayed in the footer of your reservation page, even if inserted into the website. At the same time the logo will not be inserted in the footer of system e-mails, when the recipients are your customers (system e-mails addressed to administrators, employees, etc.) have a standard system appearance incl. system designation).

The reservation system does not suit me and I do not want to use it anymore. How do I cancel my account or subject?

If you no longer want to use the reenio reservation system, it is possible to cancel the registered entity, simply directly in the administration. Click on the subject name in the upper right corner and select the "Subject detail" option. The details page of the active subject is displayed and there is also a button to delete this subject. Click this button to start the subject deletion process. First, it is necessary to confirm this intention in the administration and then you will receive an e-mail (to the address of the owner of the subject) with a confirmation link. After its confirmation, the subject will be canceled and deleted according to the business conditions.

If this is the only entity you manage or have access to within your user account, your user account will also be deleted! If there are other entities somehow connected to the given user, then the user account will not be canceled!

I created a date with a larger capacity, however, after the first created reservation the date is blocked and it is not possible to create further reservations, even if the capacity is still available!

This condition can be caused by several reasons. These can be simple situations when the "Limit to a single reservation" option is activated within the deadline setting, or the minimum number of places for reservations is higher than the remaining free number within the set capacity. We therefore recommend that you check the appointment setting!

Evets - (Edit event) - Collisions monitoring

The second, more complicated, option is the setting of the so-called Collision monitoring. In the date setting, it is possible to specify which types of resources will be monitored for a given date and in which mode this monitoring will take place. In practice, this means that if a reservation is made for a given resource at a given time, it will not be possible to create further reservations that would mean a collision of these reservations! This is why one reservation for a specific date means that the date is no longer available for other reservations.

If you do not have a collision monitoring method tested and thought through (in most cases you will not need it), leave the setting blank (no source type will be checked) and verify that reservations can now be made. The issue of collision monitoring is a bit more complicated and it is necessary to plan well the distribution of resources and their use.

On the reservation page, the dates are displayed in gray and the customer cannot make a reservation!

If dates are shown in gray, it means that it is not possible to book them, probably due to time constraints. In the system settings it is possible to choose in which period before the deadline it is possible to create reservations. If the current time is outside this set period, the reservation cannot be created and the deadline is grayed out. However, it is also possible to click on the term in this gray area and the reservation dialog displays information on why the reservation is not possible, resp. when it may be.

Settings - General settings - Time or Events - (Edit event) - Time limits

Time limits can be set globally for the entire system, but also specifically for individual dates, which can be useful for special types of events, etc.

I can't find customers who were there before in the customer database. How is it possible?

This is a standard situation based on personal data protection (GDPR) requirements. The reservation system helps you to meet these requirements in various ways and one of them is to set time parameters for deleting data depending on the fact that there is no formal reason to store and manage this data (eg considering that the customer had the last reservation before more than a year). Pay attention by setting these parameters so that it corresponds to your business and the rules of handling personal data.

Settings - GDPR - Settings

I need to insert a link to a specific term into my website. How do I get it?

If you need to insert a link to a specific term into any website, e-mail on social networks, etc., you can easily get them directly in the administration. When editing a specific term, click on the "Link to term" button, a dialog will appear where you can set the necessary parameters and a URL address will be generated immediately, which you can then simply copy and use as needed. The link generated in this way will point to one selected term, and you can also use parameters to suppress the display of other navigation elements.

Events- (Edit event) - Odkaz na termín

You can also use this link when inserting a reservation page into the website, so that the overall reservation page will not be inserted, but only the given specific date and the possibility of booking on it. Use the generated URL in Settings - Embed into the web - ... - Advanced settings.

How can I edit the content of emails for customers?

E-mail messages sent to customers as part of the booking process contain various information related to the booking and it is not possible to edit them directly!

If you need to provide customers with any specific information, it is possible to supplement these standard e-mails with additional information. This information always applies to a specific appointment and you can set it when editing/creating an appointment.

Events- (Edit event) - Advanced settings - Details for customer after

Here you can specify at what moment the entered text will be added to the standard e-mail, which will be sent to the customer according to the reservation process (no special e-mail is sent, ie if no system e-mail is sent, no additional information will be sent).

The second option is to use general text, which you can insert into system e-mails. This text is inserted automatically above the footer of each e-mail that is sent to customers and is related to their reservations and the booking process.

Settings - General settings - E-mail - E-mails about reservations

What happens to the reservation page if I have (PREMIUM package) my own domain set up, but I will no longer extend this paid package?

In the event of termination of the PREMIUM prepaid package, you will not lose the reservation page as such. However, it will continue to be accessible only at the system address and not at the set domain. If the customer enters the set own domain, only the information that the reservation system is not available will be displayed. If you enter a standard system address (eg, the reservation page will be displayed according to the rules of the current package.

Do you provide a public API (Application Programming Interface)?

The reservation system offers an API that allows programmatic access to data about resources, reservations, customers, etc. More about our API can be found on a separate page, which is intended for programmers and experts.

I no longer want to use the system, how do I cancel my subject / reservation page?

Your subject resp. you will cancel the reservation page yourself directly in the administration, which is also important from the point of view of the authorization of this request. The name of the currently used subject is displayed in the upper right corner, after clicking on this name you can not only switch between your managed subjects (if you have more than one under your user account), but also display detailed information about the subject. On the subject detail page, there is a button to start the process of canceling the subject. Then follow the instructions. An e-mail with a confirmation link will be sent to you for the final confirmation of the entity's cancellation.

Do you provide training or can you set up the system for us?

In certain cases, we are able to carry out training, personal consultation or system setup (always with regard to the system options and the supplied documents). If you are interested, contact our helpdesk. All these services beyond the normal operation of the system are handled individually and are charged at an hourly rate.

Can you tailor the system to my specific requirements?

Our system is offered in the form of a service (Software as a Service) and it is a cloud application, which corresponds to the method of operation, price, etc. All contractual relations are governed by the business conditions, which are part of the registration and are uniform for all our customers. For these reasons, we do not offer any form of customization or separate deployments for specific customers. In case of a request for a specific function, it is possible to use the so-called Wish Book.

Where can I view substitute reservations and canceled reservations?

You will find everything in various reports in the item Reservation. However, keep in mind that the display of reservations is governed by the filter settings, and these are initially set so that canceled reservations and alternates are not displayed. To change the filter, click on the magnifying glass icon or the "FILTER" button.

How to create dates for events that will have prices in different currencies?

The reservation system offers support for the multilingual version of the reservation page in paid packages, so it is not a problem to have an offer in different languages. However, the prices themselves and their currency are set uniformly for the entire subject, ie the entire reservation system/site.

Settings - General settings - Localization

This currency setting may also correspond to the payment gateway setting. Therefore, if the prices for different events/dates are required to be in different currencies, all that remains is to create another entity with a different starting currency. Although the system also allows you to set the displayed currency in the language setting of the reservation page, it is only a display of an approximate conversion (according to the ČNB exchange rate).

Where do I set up calendar synchronization?

The reservation system allows connection to third-party calendars, such as Google Calendar. This link is only used to synchronize the created reservations, not the set and offered dates. Reservation synchronization is one-way only (from the reenio system to an external calendar). Changes made to external calendar entries do not affect reservations in the reenio system. In the case of Google Calendar, it is possible to synchronize also towards the reservation system, but only to a limited extent - an event created in the calendar will allow you to block the time in the reenio system. The system also supports synchronization with any calendar application that supports calendars in the iCalendar format.

Reservation - Calendar - Synchronization

How can I customize the look of the booking page?

The reservation system is operated as a single technical platform across all users, which means, among other things, that the possibility of individual customization and customization is not possible. However, some degree of customization is possible, using two main appearance templates and possibly changing the color palette. The visualization of terms and functional elements of the system is already fixed and it is only possible to choose from different types of display or reservation process. The color of the date that can be set in the administration has only an orientation role (it is used to differentiate the dates in the administration) and is not reflected on the customer reservation page.

Settings - Reservation page - Basic settings

I want to allow customer reservations as substitutes, how does it work?

For the term types "Whole one term", it is possible to activate the Substitutes function (within the term editing). In the event that the entire capacity of the term is already exhausted for such a date, it will be possible to continue making reservations, up to the specified number of substitutes. In this case, the customer is notified that he is making a reservation as a substitute and has to wait until his turn.

Events - (Edit event) - Alternates and cancellation

In this case, no confirmation of the created reservation is sent to the customer at the time of booking. When a place becomes available within the deadline (cancellation of a classic reservation), the system evaluates the order of registered substitutes and automatically creates a reservation for the nearest substitute. This is until the time until the creation of reservations is allowed. This alternate is then informed in the manner that is specifically set (Settings - Notification). If online payments are required, the same rules apply to the substitute as for reservations, ie if he does not pay for the reservation within a certain time, his reservation is automatically canceled and it is the turn of the next substitute.

How to further work with data from your own form using the export of reservations?

For further work with specific data that you obtain from customers when booking, it is effective to use export to Excel. Data from custom forms can be part of this export. First of all, it is necessary to check the item "Include data from custom forms" when exporting. In the exported file, all the own data of the reservation is stored in one column. This is mainly because one export can contain different reservations with different custom forms and dates. However, the column is very easy to edit, so you can continue working with individual data. To do this, use the function of dividing a cell into columns: in Excel, select the given column and in the "Data" tab, then the function "Text into columns". Select "Other" as the separator and press "Ctrl + J" (line separator) in the input field to finish editing the data.

How can I cancel a specific date and prevent the creation of additional reservations?

If you want to avoid the possibility of making a reservation for a specific date, you can use several procedures.

  1. Delete the date on a specific day (edit a specific occurrence), which means that the date will not be visible even in the administration.
  2. Disable the option to make reservations in the deadline settings. This will cause the customer to see the date, but will not be able to make a reservation.
  3. Disable the visibility of the date, which will cause the customer not to see the date or be able to make a reservation for it. In administration, the term will be accessible by default.
  4. Create a "working" reservation, which will use the entire offered capacity of the given date and thus set the given date as occupied, or set this reservation as a conflict for the given resource.
  5. Use the Days off function (Resources), which allows you to block all dates at a given time, without the need to edit them.

Keep in mind that any operations listed do not affect the already created reservation. Therefore, if reservations are not to be made, it is necessary to cancel them manually. You can effectively use filtering in the list of reservations to find reservations for a given date.