Cash desk

The reservation system offers several ways to easily and conveniently allow customers to pay for their reservation. The most commonly used payment methods include online payments or customer credits. If the customer does not use any of these options to pay for the reservation in advance, he will probably make the payment itself (cash or card) except for the event itself when using his reservation. In order to be able to register this method of payment in the system as well, it is necessary to use the cash desk function. This functionality allows you to mark a reservation as paid, record the payment (or meet the requirements of EET) and generate a corresponding accounting document.

The reservation system works with only one series of document numbering. Therefore, if you use more than one payment channel, then the numbering of documents goes across these channels, ie documents for online or cash desk payments use the same number range set in the administration!

Activation of the Cash desk function

Settings - Payments, credits and VAT - Cash desk

Cash or non-cash direct payments through the cashier must first be enabled in the administration of the reservation system. As soon as you enable this function, a button will appear in the reservation details (if the reservation corresponds to a price) allowing you to pay for the reservation through the cash desk Furthermore, a new item "Cash desk" will be added to the main menu "Payments", with which you will get an overview of payments made and registered in this way. As with online payments, records can be exported and further worked with as needed.

When setting or activating the cash register by using the so-called EET mode. To do this, you need the corresponding certificate and other information about the point of sale. If set correctly, payments made by the cash desk will be recorded within the EET system and the accounting documents will be supplemented with the necessary data meeting the requirements of EET.

Payment for the reservation

Once cash desk payments are allowed, to pay for a reservation, simply view the booking details and select the option to pay by cash. After clicking, the reservation is immediately marked as paid and the payment for this reservation is registered. Within the details of the reservation, it is then possible to download accounting documents or print them directly in the appropriate format. The reservation detail also offers an overview of linked payments, where it is easy to get an overview of all payments of the reservation (including online payments or unfinished payments) and it is possible to continue working with these payments (return payment, download document, etc.).

In the case of payment of the reservation by the cash desk, the system only records this payment. All the essentials related to the payment itself, ie receiving cash from the customer, handling the cash, using the payment terminal, etc., is already purely the responsibility of the operation itself.

Cash desk register overview

An overview of all payments that have been registered as part of a cash payment is available through the main menu. This overview includes all recorded payments that were made as cash payments. In contrast to online payments, there is no factual link to the payment process itself, but all the essentials associated with the payment itself are the responsibility of the merchant, cashier, operator, etc.

Payments - Cash desk

An overview of all payments made through the cash desk provides important information and functions:

  • Payments summary - an overview of all manually made payments. The overview always contains a link to the reservation and the customer who made the payment, payment details, the total amount of the payment, etc.
  • Payment detail - for each payment it is possible to display a detail, where in addition to detailed information there is also a link to download the document that is associated with this payment.
  • Refund - the system also allows you to generate corrective tax documents, for example, in case of cancellation and return of payment. When refunding a payment, it is possible to specify how much to return, whether to cancel the reservation, etc. The return is visually distinguished and there is a corresponding tax document (part of the PDF file of the original payment)! In the case of cash payments, it is only a record of the return, the cash return itself is not resolved by the system and it is not possible to use a different payment channel than the one through which the payment was made.

  • Download of documents - generated accounting document is a necessary part of every payment. The reservation system creates the appropriate document automatically according to the set parameters. The document in the form of a PDF file can then be downloaded in one of the offered formats or printed.
  • Export of payments - for further processing of payments, eg within accounting, the export function is available. The export output can be in various formats and always contains data that corresponds to the current settings of filtering the payment overview (eg only payments in the status paid), or a special type of export with the possibility of time filtering for processing by accountants.

Download and print the document

During the operation and provision of services, with the acceptance of payments for reservations in cash on the spot, an important moment is the creation of an accounting document and its provision to the customer. Of course, this does not only apply to cash payments, but unlike online payments, the physical delivery of a printed document is often the only way to prove cash payment at the cash desk. The principle of obtaining accounting documents is therefore the same for all methods of payment made in the reservation system. Each reservation can have recorded payments, and the successful ones can also have corresponding accounting documents. As soon as you view the details of any reservation in the administration, depending on its payment status, you have functions available that allow you to make the payment itself, download the accounting document or print the document directly.

With regard to operational efficiency, the system enables the generation of documents in several formats, both for the classic A4 format and for formats intended for printing on cash register printers (rolls 58 and 80mm), so-called POS printers.

When downloading or printing a document, it is also possible to choose whether only the accounting document should be generated or whether the output should also be supplemented with information about the reservation itself. It is thus possible to easily print not only accounting information for the sale of the service on the receipt, but also, for example, the QR code itself for subsequent check-in via the mobile application. If the reservation is not paid, the accounting document is of course not available, but it is possible to download or print in the same way only the information about the reservation, incl. QR code, eg in the form of a ticket.