Payment gateways

The ability to connect the reservation system to payment gateways is one of the key features for effective use of online reservation and tickets selling. Thanks to on-line payments , it is possible to offer the customer the entire buying process, from the selection of the event to the payment of the particular reservation, in a very simple way and thus support the overall effect of the business using the on-line reservation system. The reenio system allows the integration of different payment gateways, each with certain advantages, disadvantages or specificities.

It must always be kept in mind that the reservation system only technically integrates a specific payment instrument and all formal or commercial matters, as well as access to funds themselves, must always be resolved beyond the reservation system with the provider of the payment gateway.

The principle of operation and integration of payment gateways is always similar, the main differences are in the range of payment methods and fees for transactions. It is therefore up to each individual which payment gateway better suits the needs and offers the required functions. All payments made through a payment gateway are usually collected in a merchant account provided by the payment gateway provider. Depending on the agreed parameters, these payments are invoiced/billed in bulk. In practice, this means that the money from online payments is received by the merchant in a single batch (including fees) and is not sent directly individually to the merchant's own account. The payment gateway can be operated in different currencies, but for integration it is important that the currency of the payment gateway matches the currency of the reservation system!


GoPay is a major online payment provider and one of the largest online payment providers in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. GoPay is supervised by the Czech National Bank and holds a licence from the Czech National Bank to issue electronic money. The GoPay payment gateway offers a fast, convenient and secure way to pay online. The customer makes the payment directly at the payment gateway after completing the order/reservation, or the gateway redirects the customer to online banking or to the page that corresponds to the payment method selected in the order. Once the payment has been submitted, GoPay will send an email with information about the status of the payment and other information such as EET data. All payment information, including credit card number, is secured by encrypted communication and processed by GoPay in accordance with the highest card security standard PCI DSS or PSD2.

GoPay offers all the most commonly used payment methods, including card payments online or via button payments. Most payments are online, so it's a matter of minutes. For a full list of all payment methods offered by GoPay, please see Overview of payment methods. The reenio system primarily supports payment methods that can be processed truly on-line in a few tens of minutes. In the specific cases where the time limit for mandatory payment is 3 days or more, or payment for a reservation is not required, it is also possible to use the payment method of a classic transfer with respect to the methods allowed in the GoPay merchant account.

Start to use GoPay payment gateway

To make online payments for services ordered from your customers using GoPay, you must first register to GoPay payment gateway provider. GoPay will then prepare a offer according to the specific parameters of your business and discuss with you the formal requirements for entering into a contract and obtaining the necessary parameters for integration.


This payment gateway offers payments, and a range of other services, on a global level. It is a large, stable and growing company that operates in a number of countries. Although this payment gateway also offers a variety of payment methods, from a local business perspective, only credit cards are the primary payment method. Of course, it supports various currencies and languages for payment form.

The advantages of this payment gateway include, first of all, the way it is set up and operated (all online) and also the speed of setting it up itself , then the advantage is that you are using a global large solution, which not only allows further growth, but also guarantees smooth use. On the other hand, its global background also brings a few disadvantages. You have to take into account that the administration or documentation is in English. Compared to other local gateways, the price is a clear disadvantage. Not only is there a fixed fee per transaction, but also a percentage fee according to the transaction volume.

The Stripe payment gateway is definitely a good choice for enabling online payments for your customers. Its design and functionality will definitely suit and fully fulfill the vision of a modern comprehensive payment system. It is important to understand and account for the costs associated with online payments. On the other hand, running a modern business without online payments is not possible today.