Communication with customers is one of the most important business activities. Effective communication is a prerequisite for successful business, not only in the world of the internet. The reenio reservation system is a typical on-line tool that saves time for both customers and the service provider itself. Although the system is designed and developed to be clear, simple and usable, there can always be situations where the customer is not sure, is unsure or just needs to cope with the choice of services offered and filling in the required information. And at that moment it is advisable to use on-line chat Smartsupp .

On-line chat is a simple assistant that enables direct and fast communication between the site visitor (customer) and the support staff on the booking page (or any website). Because it is possible to start chat immediately and there is no need to search for any contact information (Smartsupp application is always available throughout the visit to the reservation page), this greatly reduces the barrier when the customer hesitates to address and ask a question.

Possibilities of using Smartsupp

  • Very fast and simple way start customer communication - just type your question into the chat form.
  • Option off-line query processing - if operator is unavailable, the system will still allow the query to be received, recorded and e-mailed to the operator.
  • Communication overview and use of on-line chat - the Smartsupp application allows you to browse the communication history, up to the level of specific users.
  • Automatic communication - it is possible to set automatic messages, which encourages the visitor to communicate or informs the visitor that the query will be processed later.
  • Mobile App - to process queries from your customers, you don't have to sit at your computer, but you can conveniently and quickly respond to them from the mobile app on the iPhone and Android platforms.
  • ... and much more.

If your customers have available support and assistance directly when booking your services, they will certainly be more satisfied and more motivated to use them.

On-line chat on the reservation page opens up new possibilities of support and communication with your customers. Whenever your customers have a problem or question about a reservation, they can contact support very quickly and get the information they need. Similarly, this form of communication is also effective for you, because you can respond according to your time possibilities and current situation.

If your customers have available support and assistance in booking your services, they will certainly be more satisfied and more motivated to use them.

I want to know more about Smartsupp

Link settings

Linking respectively integrating Smartsupp online chat into the reservation page is very simple. First of all, you must have a Smartsupp account .

In the Smartsupp system administration you can set a number of parameters and features of how the on-line chat will work (working hours, automatic messages, etc.). In the Settings - Chat BOX menu, you will find the Smartsupp key you need to enter in the third party tools integration settings in reenio.

Settings - General settings - Third-party

To set up this tool in reenio, go to Settings - General Settings - Third Parties, where you enter the Smartsupp key and you can also specify how to integrate and display the chat window on the reservation page. You can then activate or deactivate the display of the chat box on your reservation page.