One single event

In the case of this type of event, the customer, as the name suggests, always reserves the entire specified term, ie a fixed period of time (from - to). Typically, this is an event that has a larger capacity set and it is possible to book more customers within the same time period.

In addition, this type of reservation offers the possibility of so-called alternates, which means that despite the deadline, customers can book in a row and will automatically be informed of the creation of a standard reservation without having to check the deadline.

Suitable for spinning, yoga, seminars, lectures, summer camps, one-time courses, workshops, tours, ...

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Spinning, ...

In the illustration there is a event for spinning, where there is a limited number of exercise bikes, in other words, the event has a limited capacity. The customer does not have to reserve the exact location in advance, but it is necessary to ensure that the maximum number of customers to register for the deadline as there are fitness machines in the room.