Do you want to work effectively with your customers and provide them with regular information about your services, discounts or promotions? Then we recommend using the popular Czech product SmartEmailing . This tool will help you attract new customers and re-sell your existing customers and offer their services. How? It allows you to efficiently maintain customer contact, send nice campaigns with ready-made templates, set up an automatic communication process, or view clear statistics to see who clicks and reads your e-mails.

How to use SmartEmailing?

  • Easily create newsletters with information for your customers (pre-designed templates optimized for different mail clients and mobile devices).
  • Manage campaigns and send newsletters to customers.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the success of individual campaigns.
  • Automation and optimization of processes, such as sending by set time, by the time when the addressee reads most often e-mails, resending campaigns, etc.
  • Smart segmentation and personalization where you can reach different groups of your customers, address them in an e-mail by name, or send a holiday wish.
  • ... and much more.

The reenio reservation system provides direct integration with SmartEmailing so you can easily manage and share your customers' contacts between the two systems. The connection can be made manually (using the export of customers) or automatically (adding a contact always after registration or reservation). Then it is up to you what e-mail campaigns you will send to your customers.

I want to know more about SmartEmailing

As a reenio system user, you have a gift from us - the possibility to use 25% discount on ordering services in the SmartEmailing system. More in the reservation system administration.

Link settings

If you have already created a SmartEmailing account and have access to the administration, you need to get data for reenio connection. You can find this information in the main menu My Account - API Key. After clicking on the Add API Key and entering the application name to link (eg reenio), a special character string is displayed. You copy it together with your login name (displayed on the page with a list of API keys in the SmartEmailing administration) to the settings in the reenio reservation system.

Settings - General settings - Third-party

You have connected both systems for further use. Note: already created API keys are not accessible again in SmartEmailing system, if you need to re-link your applications, you must re-create the key and repeat the process.

Set up and start the export

The actual export of contacts from the reservation system can be accessed on the Customers page and by selecting the button Export Customers - SmartEmailing. The export information and export settings options are displayed. If the link between the two systems is not set, the export option is not possible.

Customers - Export - SmartEmailing

Manual export

This export allows one-time transfer of your customers' current contacts to the selected SmartEmailing contact list. You can also specify which contact group and data to export. If a customer already exists in the contact list (by e-mail address), the customer's information is only updated. Customers who do not have "Newsletter" checked are also exported, but their email is automatically set to "Unsubscribed".

Automatic export

This is useful when you want to keep your customers' contact lists up-to-date in SmartEmailing whenever a new customer registers or makes a reservation. Again, you can set which customer group and what data to export. If a customer already exists in the contact list (by e-mail address), the customer's details are updated. Customers who do not have "Newsletter" checked are also exported, but their email is automatically set to "Unsubscribed". Automatic export takes place in tens of minutes after adding a new customer.

This automated system is particularly useful in conjunction with Smart SmartEmailing Campaign . Thanks to this automated link, you can easily send information e-mail to newly registered customers, which they receive automatically according to a wide range of settings. This e-mail may contain information about the services offered, conditions and rules of use of the services, discount code for a new customer, etc. This link will allow you to use the marketing potential of linking the reservation system and mailing platform to the fullest.

Own marketing reports

The integration of SmartEmailing brings even more possibilities. Using so-called custom messages it is possible to define events that trigger the sending of a specific e-mail (template or questionnaire) directly from the SmartEmailing system. This is especially useful when you want to communicate with the customer automatically and beyond the normal system messages. To learn more about using your own messaging and SmartEmailing, see "Communication with customer".