Customer credit

Customer credit is an alternative to a payment method that gives you full control over your customers' allocated and consumed funds without having to make direct on-line payments. It is an alternative that corresponds to the financial performance of payments for booked services.

Customer credit payment is available only for registered and logged-in customers. One customer credit always corresponds to the value of the set currency value.

In order to use the customer credits, their authorization is required. Enable payments via customer credits. This is also related to the possibility that the customer may be allowed to cancel his/her reservation, which he/she paid with his/her customer credit (in the case of on-line payment the customer cannot cancel his/her reservation). In this case, the system will automatically refund the full amount of customer credit used in the payment.

Settings - Payments, credits and VAT - Payments - Enable payments by customer credit

Customer credits can be used to pay for any service for which you have create an event in the administration. However, it is not possible to create special credit packages (with different prices) for specific types of services respectively offered events. The number of credits always corresponds to the amount expressed in the given currency (most often CZK) - the customer credits are analogous to the payment of the actual amount for the reservation.

It is best to use customer credits if you want to provide an advantage and easier use of finances. The main principle of using customer credits is to motivate customers to use services regularly and often. You have the option to benefit from a direct purchase credit offer, and you can even define a specific discount on the booking price for individual dates if the payment is made with a customer credit.

Formally, customer credit can be understood as a one-time purchase of a service to a certain extent (number of credits), with the customer being able to use (consume) credits immediately after they are charged. It is therefore not an economic payment instrument (even if it is recalculated to the real price of the reservation) in the sense of a wallet, but a subscription to the subsequently used services in the form of special units with the appropriate quantity.

How customers get credits

The basis for using payments by means of customer credits is the possibility of obtaining them by customers. Each registered customer has access to their credits within their customer account (registration and login on your specific reservation page).

Customer credit can be set to expire. It means that credit may be limited when a customer's credit is charged. In that case, these credits will not be usable after the expiry of that period. If the customer purchases the credits on an ongoing basis, the expiration period is extended accordingly and applies to the overall credit balance (newly purchased credits are added and the validity period is extended relative to the purchase date). Of course, you can also use customer credits without time limit.

We recommend to include the issue of customer credits appropriately in your business conditions so that your customers are clear how credits are handled, whether they are of limited validity, etc.

All credit movement can be viewed in the detail of a particular customer, or on a special page with an overview of all movements (charging and consumption). This view (or export) is suitable especially for registering credits added to customer accounts through administration or your employees.

Payments - Credit transactions

Buying credits by the customer

If you have customer credits enabled in your system and you also have on-line payments through a payment gateway, you can offer customers direct purchase credits.

Settings - Payments, credits and VAT - Offer of customer credits

The first step is to create an offer of customer credits, which determines the number of credits that the customer buys and pays through on-line payment. It is possible to set different packages with different price for different number of credits. This gives you a wide range of settings that allow you to create an advantage for customers paying by credit (the customer buys more credits than the real price paid). Purchases of credits are immediately credited to his/her user account and can be paid directly for customer credits.

Charging credits in administration

If you do not have an active on-line payment gateway, or you want to allow customers to charge their credit at the reception of your device, you can take advantage of the possibility of adding credits through the system administration (depending on the user role). Any number of credits can be charged for each customer (must be a registered user of your reservation page). This is useful if the customer pays cash at the reception and the system operator adds the appropriate number of credits to their user account. You can also charge a negative amount to deduct credits from your customer account.

Please note that in this case, all accounting and formal requirements for purchasing credits must be handled outside the reservation system.