If you want to take advantage of the ability to upload and save files for customers and reservations, you must first activate the storage size .

The booking process involves filling out a booking form in which all the necessary information can be obtained from the customer. In addition to the usual system input fields, the booking form can also be extended with your own data items using the so-called custom forms including the ability to attach custom files.

Settings - Storage

After activating one of the available storage size packages, you will be able to actively use your own fields to add files and manage files for customers. It is possible to monitor the current usage of the storage and, if necessary, increase and further manage it (delete all existing files or only those that are associated with old reservations). Individual files are accessible and can be managed, in the details of the reservation or the customer to which they belong.

The storage can therefore be used to store the file in relation to specific reservations, as well as in relation to a specific customer. The storage capacity is shared, however, the files themselves are always linked to the reservation or customer, so the files must be managed through these items, or. using management tools. Access to files as such (at the file system level) is not possible.

Attach the file to the reservation

The reservation form, which is automatically created for each date according to the settings, can be adapted to specific needs using the form. In addition to the basic fields, it is possible to add fields to the file insert into your own form. The setting of this field allows you to limit the size of uploaded files and also to restrict files to specific types according to the extension of the uploaded file. Due to the limited capacity of the storage, it is always advisable to limit the file size as well, so that one customer does not occupy a large part of the stored file, which in turn prevents other customers from making a reservation with their own file (especially if uploading file will be required).

A typical use of file uploads during the booking process itself may be the various confirmations or powers of attorney required to provide the service, photographs or copies of important documents, simply everything needed to effectively provide the booked service. The fact that these documents will be available at the time of booking will greatly facilitate the course of communication and services provided.

If multiple files need to be uploaded within one reservation, a separate form item with its own name must be created for each file.

On the reservation page, the customer can / must attach his own file within the reservation form. After uploading the file, the size and also the file type are verified. If everything is in order with the file and the reservation is also in order, the file will be attached to the reservation.

It is possible to further work with the file within the detail of a specific reservation (in the administration or in the reservation detail from the customer's point of view). Files can also be assigned to a specific existing reservation subsequently, but they will already be saved without a link to the form field of the reservation form.

The customer sees in the reservation detail only those files that he uploaded during the reservation process and can download them. If other files are assigned to the reservation only subsequently within the administration, then these files are in the internal mode and therefore accessible only in the administration of the reservation system.

Attach the file to the customer

Uploading and managing files in relation to a specific customer is only possible internally at the system administration level. The customer does not have access to these files, so it is advisable to store additional information related to the customer in this way, which is not contained in other customer information data items. Typical storage uses in this case may be various photographs, historical customer relationship documents, or accounting documents.