Mobile application

A mobile application (currently available for Google Android and Apple iOS) has been developed to work with reservations. individual tickets within one reservation. The application also supports the so-called off-line mode, when it is not necessary to have online access to the Internet at the moment of check-in.

Reenio - Mobile application

We recommend using a mobile device that has sufficient power and is adequately updated and secured to operate the check-in application. It is also advisable to set up a special user account for the check-in app (e.g. as a receptionist), where it is not necessary to have an administrator or owner of your booking entity logged in when checking in.

Login to the application

The user can log in to the application with his or her usual login details, or a visual code can be generated for temporarily logging in users without having to know the login details. Login QR code can be generated eventually invalidate in system administration.

This type of check-in is especially suitable when you need to check-in tickets/reservations using multiple mobile devices and check-in is done by an operator who does not have access to the reservation system administration. In this case, work with one generated QR code to log in on all used devices and this login code must be created by a user who has appropriate access rights to change reservations, etc. Regenerating the QR code in the administration will invalidate the previous one and users will not be able to log in, which will facilitate the situation after the event and prevent further access for "temporary workers" without the need to manually log out of the application.

Handling of reservation codes

There are several ways to verify and check in a mobile app: manually enter a reservation code or retrieve QR codes (or other types of visual codes, depending on advanced reservation page settings). Check-in using manual code entry is a basic option and requires a relatively long time to rewrite the code itself, which is convenient and only applicable for one-time check-in.

An effective way of check-in is to use visual codes, eg QR codes. If the system settings allow the generation of these codes (Settings - Reservation page - Advanced settings), they are subsequently included in the confirmation e-mails and the customer submits them in electronic or printed form at the check-in. The operator can then easily scan the code using the camera and then work with the reservation in the application. When handling a large number of visitors, the efficiency of reading QR codes with the camera can be reduced, especially in light of the lighting conditions and correct placement of the code relative to the camera. For this reason, we recommend using a so-called mobile terminal.

Mobile terminals Chainway

Our check-in app is executable and operable on all modern Android smartphones. When using the application in a demanding environment with a large number of check-in reservations, we recommend using the so-called mobile terminals . These modern terminals also use the Android operating system, but they also have specific equipment to make the handling application more efficient and easier. Mobile terminals usually have a significantly higher battery capacity, durable design and above all a powerful hardware visual code reader.

We have tested and tuned the check-in application in combination with the mobile terminal Chainway C66 with 2D code reader. It is a highly durable and powerful mobile terminal that features not only a laser code reader, but also a various connectivity options, durable IP65 design and protection, USB-C connector with OTG support (for Ethernet connection) or holder.  

If you are serious about booking check-ins, we definitely recommend using a mobile terminal with a hardware code reader. The efficiency and speed of ticket processing is unparalleled compared to a traditional camera phone.

If you have increased demands on the quality and speed of booking and ticket check-in, we definitely recommend purchasing and deploying Chainway C6x or C7x mobile terminals. The speed and efficiency of scanning QR codes is absolutely incomparable with conventional camera use. You can purchase Chainway from a certified retailer where you can choose from a variety of configurations and parameters to suit your needs, including securing appropriate warranty and service.

Work in mobile application

Entering the code (in any of the above ways) will verify it and display information for that particular booking. In case of reservations (reservations for specific seats or when generating separate tickets) it is possible to process reservations in sequence, ie each individual person/ticket has its own unique code and according to it a specific ticket is displayed. This corresponds to the setting of specific dates, which determines whether one QR code is generated for one reservation or codes are generated separately for all booked persons within one reservation.

If the total reservation code is loaded, which contains reservations for individual seats, then the application displays an overview of all seats/tickets booked and can be revoked individually by checking the upper right corner. Once all seats (individual bookings) associated with a given code have been marked, the application will offer to mark the entire reservation as done.

All checked-in reservations are marked with an exclamation mark and color in the header, individual seats with a green "check mark" in the corner of the respective ticket. The status of the reservation is mainly informative and you can continue to work with it, also in the overview of reservations directly in the web administration environment.

When setting a deadline, consider generating one QR code (or another type of code) for the entire booking, or whether each individual reserved capacity will have its unique reservation code. This decision will facilitate your subsequent check-in, depending on the specific type of event.

Already during the event it is possible to set code generation for each seat/ticket separately. Check-in looks like this, ie you are working with a specific place and you do not see other places within the same reservation. If all individual places are checked in, the application again offers (or executes automatically according to the settings) the possibility to change the status of the total reservation.

When checking in more codes, it is possible (and recommended) to activate so-called automatic check-in in the application - in that case the seat / ticket / reservation is automatically marked as checked after a certain set time and another QR code can be scanned immediately. If the code cannot be checked in automatically (it has already been checked in, it is invalid, etc.), the operator is visually informed and must resolve the situation. This mode is very effective in combination with the use of a mobile terminal.

If you check in on-line mode (or if you have synchronized after using off-line mode), you can monitor the progress of check-in in administration. You can also view basic statistics that show how many reservations have been processed.

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