Payment gateway and payments

You can find the setting for payment execution on a separate page that summarizes everything related to this issue. It is important to note that correct payment information is not necessary for a basic understanding of the system, but it is very important when you provide customers with information about the price of a reservation or even allow payments for such a reservation.

Settings - Payments, credits and VAT

The main solution for securing payments from customers is the integration of the so-called on-line payment gateway. How the entire payment process works is described in more detail in "On-line Payments".

Basic parameters for payments

On the Payments tab it is possible to define basic parameters for making payments with respect to the selected payment channel. In addition to the parameters that affect the possibility of making payments and the way these payments can be made (payment gateway selection, time parameters, credit payment authorization, etc.), this page allows you to set the numbering of tax documents that automatically reenio the system to make payments creates. This allows you to customize the number of documents, the billing information on those documents, and other parameters.

If you choose to use customer credit, its settings are also part of this page. Payment by credit is analogous to payment via payment gateway, except that everything happens only internally in the reenio system. You can manually set up customer credit for each customer. Ideally, however, a combination of on-line payments and credit is created, where you create offers of credits, which the customer can directly buy using on-line payment and thus use your services more advantageously.

If you use the on-line payment gateway integration or payment transfer function for payments, the system is automatically issued and sent to the customers individual accounting documents for payments made (this does not apply to credit payments, as this is no longer a booked payment).

It is also important to set document numbering and billing information, while reenio follows the basic format mechanism to be as close as possible to the accounting standard. You can also reset the number series to set a new start number, for example, when a new accounting year starts (reset can also be set automatically). Keep in mind that the number series in the reservation system is in no way linked to your accounting, so it should be a clearly identifiable separate accounting number series.

Payment gateway settings

In the start tab you set which particular payment gateway (payment channel) should be used in the system. Only one payment gateway can be active at a time, even if you can have more than one configured. In this tab you will find specific settings for each payment gateway separately.

The individual settings are based on the technical integration requirements of the gateway and you will obtain the necessary data from the payment gateway provider by concluding a contractual relationship. For information on how a particular gateway works and how to set it up, see the information for each item.

Payment transfer

This specific payment channel differs from other available payment gateways in that it requires no external solution or vendor integration. If you activate this payment gateway, the entire payment process is identical to using on-line payment gateway, but with the difference that will only prompt you to pay for the reservation when you make a reservation. This call is designed in such a way that the customer can obtain the necessary information and can make a payment by classical bank transfer from his/her bank account. It generates a unique variable symbol (VS) by means of which you can then identify its payment in your bank account.

Correct setup of your bank details is very important to ensure smooth payments to your account!

If you have set up a payment request and are using this form of payment, it is important to set the amount of time after which your reservation will be automatically canceled. All other parameters related to receiving payments are applied to this specific payment channel as well as to on-line payments.

In this method of receiving payments, you must take into account that wire transfer itself takes time (in days). Keep this in mind when setting timeouts to avoid premature cancellation of reservations

If a customer is provided with information to make a payment, you can track their payment in your payment summary. With variable symbol it is possible to trace the payment and manually set its payment in the system! In addition to this manual method of managing payments, you can also use automatic payment pairing. In this case, it is necessary to set up the sending of notifications of incoming payment to your bank account using the unique defined e-mail address (you can find it in the settings).

If the system receives a notification e-mail from the bank, it is able to link the payment according to the variable symbol, set it to paid and thus change the payment status of the reservation or purchase. If the payment and notification from the bank fail to be correctly matched (most often the customer will send another amount), then the administration will find a warning about the problematic payment and it is necessary to resolve such payment manually. You can find more information about automatic matching options directly in the administration, which also lists the specific banks to which this method can be applied.

VAT payer and rates

The correct use of VAT (Value Added Tax) and its rates is a key factor in any business. In the VAT Setup and VAT Rate tabs you will find everything you need to determine how the system will work with prices and corresponding VAT. This setting affects the counting and budgeting of the prices on the documents, depending on whether or not you are a VAT payer. The default VAT rate will be set automatically for events and services offered (such as credit purchase) (if you are a VAT payer). Of course, in specific cases it is possible to set the VAT rate specifically and separately, depending on your business and accounting requirements.

The setting and differentiation of individual VAT rates is necessary if your services differ in VAT rates with regard to their nature or fulfillment. It also defines pairing with the EET system, for which rates must be specified in a specific form (applies to EET processing via GoPay payment gateway). EET does not distinguish a specific VAT value, but only the type of rate.

Point of sale information

In case you have decided to use the receipt and processing of payments directly in the reservation system, it is necessary to notify customers of your business conditions, or. Complaints Procedure and Privacy Statement. This is required by specific requirements for the so-called point of sale. Without this information it is not possible to operate the on-line payment gateway.

Business or privacy issues go beyond the reservation system and the information in this section should match your overall business and its rules.

The information in this tab is common to the information in Settings - Reservation page - Terms and Conditions and is edited as one.

Offer customer credits

Customer credits are an effective tool for motivating and simplifying formalities in using your services. In addition, if you have active direct payments in the reservation system, you can offer credits for purchase directly. To learn more about offering and using customer credits, visit the Customer credit page.