Protection of personal data

Today, privacy is one of the most up-to-date concepts, especially in the area of websites and applications. When using the reservation system, you work with the personal data of your customers, who by registering to the system agree with the rules of use of your services. Whatever form you are working with a customer database (not just an online data processing in a reservation system), you should always think about protecting this customer data and meeting formal requirements. The requirements concerning the protection and processing of personal data are now covered by the so-called GDPR.

The issue of personal data protection and management goes beyond the operation of the reservation system and should be resolved at the business level. The reenio reservation system is one of the tools to simplify the processing of personal data!

In addition to implementing the GDPR itself in your business, you should also provide your customers with information about how personal data is handled and how it is used in the customer relationship and service provision. This information should be available on the establishment or website , regardless of the reservation system. Whether you store your customer information or use any system, it is important to keep in mind the formalities of handling this data.

How to work with personal information