Informing customers

For successful and efficient operation of the reservation system it is important that your customers know about it. Therefore, be sure to inform your customers that you are using it and how it will make them easier to use your services. You will see that they will get used to it right away and you will finally have enough time for your work!

You can tell them using different channels. The basic one is of course directly in your workplace, using sticker, banner, etc. Another channel is Facebook, e-mail, SMS. And if you have your own website, ask your webmaster to write your reenio information there. On Facebook, just copy the pattern below, edit the link, add a suitable image to illustrate your services, and you can only expect new customers. First we recommend to insert the link itself - Facebook then loads the information about the page and allows you to link directly to it.

Download image

Example of possible text for e-mail / newsletter

A beautiful day,
as our loyal client we will inform you about changes in reservations. Don't worry, it's quite simple! You can still call us as before, but for more comfort and speed, we have launched an interactive booking system reenio.
This can be found at http: // ... (here you will add a link to the reservation page that you select in the system settings).
Making a reservation is a breeze. Just choose a day and time (or a specific service place or worker) and fill in your details, and that's it!
Save our site to your favorites and you will always have our services at hand.
We will be happy to help you in the beginning, if you do not know what to do, let us know.
Thank you and we look forward to your reservation.
Your, business name.

Example of possible text for Facebook post

Important news. We have changed the booking option! You can still call us as before, but for your convenience and speed, we have launched an interactive reservation system @ reenio.system. You can find it at http: // ... (here you will add a link to a reservation page of your choice). Feel free to book with us online.

Link to the booking page

Whatever communication channel you use to reach your customers, you will always need to work with a link (called a URL) to a specific booking page. Here are some options for how this link can look and where it will go.

The base address of the reservation page

Each reservation page, ie the page where your customers book, has its own internet address. You can set it during registration or change it in administration. This address is distinguished by the fact that you choose your own name and add it by selecting from our available domains (,,,, etc.). In this case, it is traffic on the so-called third-order domain and we take care of everything, including SSL certificate. You can then use this URL to direct customers to the home page of your reservation page.

Settings - Reservation page - Basic settings - page URL

If you are using the highest paid package, you can also run your booking page on your very own domain. This is especially useful if none of our available domains suits you or if you want to link your booking to your business more. Typically, you can make reservations at an address such as or In this case, you must obtain the appropriate domain and properly configure DNS records, according to the instructions given in the administration. If you want to operate your reservation page securely, you must obtain an SSL certificate at your own expense.

Address for a specific date, etc.

Sometimes there may be times when you want to share a more specific address with your customers than just your start page. For example, if you want to direct a specific event or calendar to a specific employee from your site. Here are some ways to get the corresponding URL.

URLs pointing to a specific page (filtering resources, specific actions, specific dates, etc.) tend to be quite long and contain various technical parameters. In these cases we recommend using the so-called URL shortener. The result will be short URLs without visible parameters that look much better, such as, and you can track usage statistics . These "shorteners" are standalone Internet services and there are many such as or

The easiest way is to visit your reservation page (as an unsigned customer) and click through to the specific page you want to share. Then just copy the URL from the browser's address bar and use it. This is particularly useful when you want to view a page for a resource, that is, an offer of events for a particular employee, place or service. If a date is included in the URL, then a specific day will be displayed according to that address, which may not be desirable!

The second option is to have the link generated directly in the administration. This is especially useful if you want to share a link to a specific event. Simply select a specific date in the calendar and select "Edit". On the next page for editing the event, there is a button in the upper right corner, which you can use to generate a URL for this particular event. You can also specify additional parameters that will affect the way the page a customer visits by this link.

Events - (Editing event) - button "Link to event"

Share URLs on social networks

If you share any URLs of your reservation page on social networks, it is more than advisable to pay attention to how Facebook will continue to work with these links. The Facebook social network checks the shared link and adds a title, description, or image to the link based on the content of the page. By default, it is up to Facebook to decide what description and image to select from the page, when in many cases you no longer have the opportunity to influence this information.

With the reenio reservation system, you have the option to control in advance what information will be used for link sharing. Just set them in the system administration.

Settings - Reservation page - Content - Sharing on social networks