This type of reservation allows you to purchase/prepay a ticket that can be redeemed during the next time period set. When creating a date, it is important to set the validity period (in days) and the period when the vouchers/tickets can be purchased. The customer can choose the beginning of the voucher validity in the calendar and the given reservation will be usable from the selected date and for the period of validity.

The advantage of this type of event is that you do not force the customer to choose a specific event for which they must attend. The reservation you provide provides information about the period during which the customer can use your services, but does not say anything about a specific date. For this reason, it is not appropriate to link these vouchers to services that are limited by available capacity or time. This type of event does not allow limitations on overall capacity, since it is not possible to determine specifically when the customer will buy and use the voucher.

We recommend using this type of event in combination with on-line payments and mobile apps. You can very easily streamline and simplify ticket sales without having to deal with a specific booking time and at the same time handle customers very easily using your services.

Suitable for tickets to various attractions (zoo, exhibitions, etc.), gift vouchers, ski passes, vouchers, ...

Ticket, ...

The customer does not choose a specific date for this type of reservation, but a period during which he will be able to use your services. For the example, the situation will be as follows. The customer will purchase a voucher that is valid for ten days from the date the customer chose when booking. The customer can then come at any time during these ten days and use the voucher (by default it will be checked in using the mobile application and the reservation will be valid during this period). When using the voucher, the reservation code will be invalidated (depending on the check-in process) and the reservation will no longer be usable for further entry or use of the services.

The process of purchasing and redeeming this type of reservation can therefore be as follows (for example, a ZOO ticket):

  1. Set the deadline by defining the time at which the voucher / ticket can be purchased or redeemed. use. Specifically, the ticket for the summer season, which is valid for 10 days.

  2. The customer selects the first day of validity of the voucher in the calendar, eg. 5th June. Reservations resp. the ticket will then be automatically created for the period from 5th to 14th June (including these days), which is also the period of validity and usability.

  3. The customer will complete the reservation and pay on-line (not required). He will receive a confirmation e-mail along with a QR code for check-in (according to the system settings).

  4. The customer will arrive at the ZOO entrance on 8th June, where his / her reservation will be checked by QR code. The customer is admitted to the tour and the reservation is marked as done (the ticket will not be valid at the next check).