Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by reenio and its instances in connection with its operation and use as a service. This includes, but is not limited to, information obtained online through web forms that are part of reenio and its instances. This Privacy Policy also applies to the display of targeted content, including offers and advertisements for third-party products and services, platforms and/or applications ("third-party sites"). This third-party site may have its own privacy policy and terms of use. We encourage you to review these policies and terms before using third-party sites.

What information does reenio collect?

After registering, purchasing a product or service, and each time you visit the reenio website or instances, we collect some types of information as specified in the paragraphs below.

User's personal information

It is primarily used for identification (such as name and e-mail address) and is provided to GARVIS Solutions s.r.o. during reenio registration or related activities on the reenio site or its instances.


When you visit reenio or its instances, we may store one or more cookies on your computer. These are text files that do not negatively affect the operation of your computer in terms of harmful content and that are used primarily to identify your browser. We use several types of cookies as shown below. If necessary, you can delete these files via your browser menu. You can set your browser not to accept any cookies, or to notify you when you accept them. However, some reenio site functions may not work properly without these files, especially if the "accept cookies" feature is turned off.

Internal files, protocols and logs

Running the system requires some feedback, especially in the context of the smooth running of all its functional parts and ensuring the expected response. Particularly for these reasons, some variable information is sent to the appropriate servers where reenio instances are located. The information relates, for example, to your request, IP address, browser type, browser language, platform type, use of active page elements, domain name, landing pages, frequency of queried pages or order of these pages, amount of time spent on certain pages, cookies, etc. This is data that is not uncommon in the normal communication between the user and the web application.


The following describes the cookies that are used by reenio

Session cookies

Your computer's memory temporarily stores cookies when you are on a website. Session cookies allow you to remember important login information, which streamlines the re-login process on the same page again. These cookies are deleted after logging out and expire when the session ends.

Permanent or protocol cookies

A persistent or protocol cookie stores information locally on your computer as a file for a specified period of time. Thanks to them, the website can remember the settings of the selected pages when they are re-visited, which leads to faster and more comfortable use of the browser, saving time, or. transferred data. These cookies have an expiration date and are automatically deleted when you visit the website that created it.

Third-party cookies

These cookies come from third parties, ie providers other than the website operator. A cookie is used primarily when services that collect information such as advertising, user-defined content and web statistics are activated on the website.

More information about the cookie can be found in the individual settings of individual web browsers. Here are links to the most commonly used:

Use of cookies

Save user's personal settings

These cookies allow our sites to remember information that affects the appearance or behavior of the site. For example, your preferred language or region is where you are. Based on information about the area, the site can offer a localized environment, for example, into a selected language. These cookies help you personalize some settings and improve your system experience.


We also use cookies to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized access.

Statistics for recording and measuring traffic

The analytical software stores anonymous cookies every time you visit our site. These help you find out how many users visit our site repeatedly. Thus we understand better how the readers behave, what they prefer and what they are interested in. We also use Google Analytics for this purpose. We do not store any demographic or identification data to track statistics.

Advertising systems

Some cookies are inserted by advertising systems, which allow the advertising to be displayed more effectively and personalized. We use advertising systems of Google (AdWords), Facebook, Seznam (Sklik) on some pages. These systems typically use remarketing techniques.

Security and protection of your personal information

When processing personal data, the reenio reservation system is a tool for processing personal data and, from this perspective, provides certain functionalities and features for dealing with customers' personal data. These features make it easier and easier to meet the requirements of GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) from the perspective of the individual reservation site operators acting as administrators.

All necessary formal information on how to process personal data, including the Processing Annex can be found in our Current Terms and Conditions .

Other processors we use

The reenio reservation system is operated in the Software as a service model, which also brings requirements for the use of other related services, especially from the point of view of providing the operating platform. Furthermore, the system uses connections to other external systems and services. These can be used both by the system itself and within individual reservation pages of subjects, with regard to their own configuration. The list below provides an overview of service providers that may act as Processors in the operation of the reenio reservation system.

  • Microsoft s.r.o., IČ: 47123737, Microsoft Azure Compliance
  • SmartSelling a.s., IČ: 29210372
  •, s.r.o., IČ: 03668681
  • GOPAY s. r. o., IČ: 26046768
  • ZooControl s.r.o., IČ: 05766656 as the company's successor company TERMS a.s., IČ: 14499037
  • SendGrid, Inc., Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL and other, generally known, companies Facebook, Google, Seznam
  • Payment channel providers (GP webpay - Global Payments Europe, s.r.o., IČ: 27088936, ČSOB - Československá obchodní banka, a.s., IČ: 00001350, SumUp - SumUp Payments Limited, ID(UK): 0783 6562) and related bank institutions