Events and their settings

This section describes some typical setting of events according to the fields of business and services offered. We know that each user may need something different, so the system allows for a variety of settings. The basic step will always be a certain idea of how your business works and how you want to offer your services. We have prepared several typical terms for you in events of your own administration settings. You can also see how your end user will see the event.

Dates have meaning only in the present and future. Dates in the past are not relevant to the system's functionality and the system throws away the deadlines after a certain time! If you work with dates irregularly and with time delay, we recommend using Event templates where you can set and save everything needed creating terms themselves.

The reservation system offers several types of reservations. There are three main groups to make a reservation according to which you can choose the most suitable. If the customer is to choose the time for which to use your service, it is appropriate type interval or any time. For other events, it is important to ensure that there are no more customers than can be served at one time, so we want to limit the capacity of customers, and for such reservations the user should choose between one single event or whole sequence. Finally, there is a way that allows the customer to book (not only) a specific place from the seat map.

Booking in time

Interval Custom time Multiple days

Booking of a larger number of participants

One single event Whole sequence Voucher

Booking of specific places

Seat reservations

Exemplary examples with illustrations are given for each type of event/reservation. In the left part of the picture there is always the setting that the system administrator makes when creating a new event or editing an existing one. In the right part there is a view of the final web page intended for end users.

In addition to choosing the correct type of appointment and setting its parameters, it is also important to see how the appointment is viewed by customers and, of course, other settings affecting the appearance and behavior of reservation page.

As one of the first steps in using the system, an important understanding of the basic concepts and contexts is important: Event, source, reservation, etc. We have prepared an introductory electronic guide to familiarize yourself with the concept of how the reenio reservation system works.

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