Custom messages

Notifications that are handled automatically have a fixed structure. If you want to communicate with customers using your own content automatically, you can use the functionality of your own messages.

Settings - Custom messages

Custom messages cannot replace system notification e-mails that include important information about the reservation itself, but on the other hand, their content can be handled as needed. Custom messages and their distribution is useful in situations where you need to get feedback using satisfaction questionnaires or automated mailing containing marketing messages, offering other services, booking instructions, tailor-made special offers, etc.

Custom reports are thus a tool that enables you to work effectively and communicate with customers at different points in the reservation process, using different communication channels (e-mail, SMS or SmartEmailing campaign). Sending your own message is always triggered by an event in time. E.g. as soon as their booking ends, it is possible to send customers a satisfaction questionnaire or offer with additional terms.

The sending of your own messages can be set depending on the event that is directly related to the reservation and the relevant moment in time. Events can be either automatic or vice versa depending on the change in the booking status, which must be done manually in the administration, or through the mobile application on site. Automatic events do not need any step on the part of the administration. Specifically, these are events such as making a reservation and then the end of the booked date, which is automatically evaluated based on the booking time. A change in the status of a particular booking is only informational (confirmed, completed, etc.) and therefore it is not possible to rely on changes in these conditions, which the reservation system does not automatically make. The end of the booked term is therefore not the same as a change in the reservation status to an existing, which can be done manually sooner or later. Therefore, unless you change the reservation status in the administration, the corresponding custom message will not be sent.

The actual messages are always linked to specific dates, i.e. their activation and sending are always based on the reservation process of specific dates. Linking of your own messages with dates (and subsequent reservations) is realized through message groups. First of all, you create a group that you will then assign to a specific event (in the "Advanced settings" section). A single message group can contain multiple custom messages in response to different events. You can also create multiple custom messages in response to a single event, but with different templates for e-mail or text for SMS. However, you can assign at most one group to an event