The reenio reservation system can communicate with the SumUp Air payment terminal. This allows you to receive payments from your customers not only on-line but also in person. The customer can pay at any time by credit card, eg at the reception or even at the moment of check-in using his QR code. You can easily accept various payment cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, in cooperation with the payment terminal and reenio.

If you have active reenio link to SumUp account, just activate SumUp function in the check-in application. The application automatically connects to SumUp and the SumUp Air payment terminal and allows you to receive payments for specific reservations. This allows you to pay the customer directly at check-in. You can also initiate the terminal payment directly from the reenio administration environment (you need to have this mobile device and the terminal itself to reach the payment).

The reenio reservation system provides technical integration of the SumUp payment system. To use a payment terminal, you must have a contractual relationship between you and the payment channel provider reenio does not process payments on its own behalf! The use of a payment terminal is subject to a volume charge in the system called credits, more information can be found in the system administration.

After successful payment via the application and the terminal, the specific reservation is marked as paid and the customer can automatically obtain a document with the payment information via the e-mail that he/she submitted at the time of booking. The entire payment process behaves exactly the same way it would with a on-line payment gateway , ie it is possible to return the payment, the customer is automatically sent a PDF document with a confirmation of payment, etc.

Set up a connection to SumUp

First of all, you need to have a SumUp account in order to properly receive payments via a payment terminal. Within this account you then perform all the administration and settings regarding received payments, billing, identity verification, etc. It is also important to have purchased and activated the SumUp Air payment terminal itself, which you can easily obtain through administration of your SumUp account. Learn more about how to work with your terminal and SumUp account support page.

Get a SumUp Air terminal at a discount

From the system reservation point of view, the next step is to link the system to your SumUp account. You can do this in the payment terminal settings, where you only need to log in with your login information to your SumUp account.

Settings - Payments, credits and VAT - Payment gateways

You can also enable or disable the use of SumUp payments on a system-wide basis. Once the account is linked and SumUp payments are activated, it is possible to pay unpaid reservations through the SumUp system.

Making payments via terminal

If payments using the SumUp system are active, it is possible to pay unpaid bookings via the terminal in two ways. In both cases, however, it is necessary to have a mobile phone that has our (and logged in) reservation processing application as well as SumUp (Apple App Store or Google Play) with a paired terminal. Of course, mobile devices must also have Internet access and SumUp payments must be enabled in the check-in application.

This payment method requires a mobile device with both functional and configured apps (reenio for check-in, SumUp payment applications) internet access and paired SumUp Air payment terminal. Another type of SumUp terminal cannot be used for this payment method!

Payment from administration

If you view the details of any reservation in the administration, you can see whether it is paid or not. If it is not paid, you can directly (subject to authorization) make the reservation as paid without making a system on-line payment. At the same time, you can pay for this reservation with customer credits. Another option is to start the SumUp payment process.

Just click on the "Pay with SumUp" button in the booking detail. You can then make the payment according to the instructions in the application and on the terminal. The application has automatically available customer information and it is very easy to have a confirmation of payment sent directly from the SumUp application. After successful processing of the payment, the reservation is marked as paid and the record of payment can be found in the administration in the overview of on-line payments (SUMUP payment method).

Payment at check-in

Similarly, it is possible to receive payments from customers at the time of check-in, eg at the reception or at the event. The customer comes to the event with his ticket (QR code), when this code is read by the check-in application and evaluated its validity. The staff can immediately see that the reservation is valid but not yet paid. In this case, just click on the "Pay with SumUp" button in the details of the reservation in the mobile application. The application automatically opens the SumUp payment application with the preset data and then you follow the instructions of the payment application and the terminal. After successful payment, the reservation is marked as paid and the process is the same as on-line payments.